Unlike many of its competitor products, the Australian forest industry has traditionally been fragmented, with many communities, small companies and organisations acting alone. The result has been a lack of clear, coherent industry voices at every level.

The National Timber Councils Association Incorporated has been formed to provide local government with a peak national body advocating from a local perspective on issues affecting local communities, industry, the environment and government in timber regions.


The NTCA was founded in 2007 following a request from the Howard Commonwealth Government to establish a national network of councils involved in forestry and plantation. The establishment of the NTCA provides a significant opportunity for local government to engage in effective dialogue with the Commonwealth Government on forestry related issues and to discuss their impact on councils and local communities.


The NTCA aims to promote vibrant, resilient communities, maintain regional investment, employment opportunities and responsible environmental practives.

Our role

In addition to advocating on forestry and plantation issues on behalf of our member councils, the NTCA will provide local government opportunities to:

  • Access information regarding forest policy development and implementation at the Commonwealth level
  • Review and contribute to forest and timber-related policy, planning and regulatory frameworks
  • Network and exchange knowledge with other timber impacted councils
  • Promote forest policies that involve and support local communities.


The NTCA is keen to assist with the development of State-wide associations across Australia in order to increase local government capacity to be effectively involved in forestry policy setting at the state and national level.