Commercial Plantation Forestry

The NTCA will engage with the Australian Government and industry stakeholders on the future directions of forest policy and will work collectively with local government to address any regional issues relating to carbon plantings.The Association will explore avenues to facilitate community development contributions from commercial plantation companies to support the local communities in which they exist.


The NTCA will promote the use of biomass residues from sustainably harvested forests to generate energy and employment. The Association will seek to highlight the opportunity for job creation in the development of the bioenergy sector.The Association will seek increased policy recognition and funding for an industry-wide seminar on bioenergy and bio-fuel production from native forest and plantation timber by-products.

Water Management

The NTCA will engage with industry experts, Government and stakeholders on the impact of plantation development on water supply and water quality, and the impacts of growing and harvesting in native forest water catchments.


The NTCA will liaise with non-member councils to promote the work of the Association and benefits of membership.


The NTCA will work with the Australian Government, industry experts and stakeholders to provide information to member councils about industry and procurement policies and impacts. The Association will seek to promote the procurement of timber and sustainable practices in Australia.

Climate Change and Emissions Trading

The NTCA will continue to build member understanding of the implications and opportunities for the forestry industry from national and state policies for climate change and proposed Emissions Trading Scheme.The Association will seek consideration from the Australian Government for the recognition of carbon stored in wood and wood based products in national and international climate change frameworks and the role of local government and forestry in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Freight Infrastructure Funding

The NTCA will liaise with the Australian Government Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government to seek additional funding to support the safe transportation of freight associated with plantation development, harvest, haulage and export on local roads. The Association will support the Victorian Government and Municipal Association of Victoria’s submission to Infrastructure Australia ‘Victorian Local Roads: Critical Links in the National Supply Chain’ and encourage a national program for ongoing maintenance and upgrade needs for timber industry impacted roads.

Key policy areas

The priorities of the NTCA will vary over time to reflect the changing nature of forest policy however a number of key long term challenges face the local government sector in relation to the management of forests on both public and private land. These include: